Monday, November 10, 2014

Thanksgiving Table Ideas

The Thanksgiving holiday has really changed over the years, some people follow a more traditional thanksgiving with a full turkey dinner and mom's best china and glassware, while some keep it a more casual  pot luck with finger foods on paper plates, as well as every possible situation in between.  I feel as a designer the most important thing is that your Thanksgiving reflects your personal taste and style.  That is why it kills me every year to have people call up for flowers and say "I just need something for the table." 

It always feels like I follow up with a game of 20 questions, "How are you serving your food, are you doing a buffet or a sit down dinner?  What color is your dishware/ room you are serving in? What size and shape is your table?  Is there a lot of room or are you barely getting everyone's plate on the table?  Do you have small children or pets running around- if not would some candlelight be a nice option for you?" and so on and so on... 

That is why this year I have decided to cut to the chase and pre-ask a few of my most common questions, as well as give a little professional designer help to make to process of picking your flowers easier!

How are you serving your food, are you doing a buffet or a sit down dinner?

Don't think that you have to do a central long and low table arrangement if your guests are eating all over the house.  Instead if you are doing a buffet use taller arrangement(s) to give dimension and interest to your table, this way there is more room on the table for food and your guests can enjoy the flowers better as they select their food.

What color is your dishware/ room you are serving in?

It kills me to see someone with a powder blue french- inspired dinning room with matching China and glassware ruin their whole look by putting a red, orange and yellow arrangement in the middle of the able because that is what we are told is "supposed to be" a Thanksgiving centerpiece.  Fall can be done in many styles to accent any room, for pastel colored spaces try doing a more faded fall look with pale greens and white pumpkins, or for a brighter "non fall" dining space try doing more of a jewel toned fall look with deep blues, purples, acid greens,bight oranges and hot pinks.  The flowers are an accessory to your space, they should accent a style you already have in the room and not "compete" with it.
gorgeous fall centerpieceGorgeous Thanksgiving tablescape!

What size and shape is your table? Is there a lot of room or are you barely getting everyone's plate on the table?

Is your table round or square? Rectangle or Oval? Is there enough room for a large central piece or does it make more sense to do a few smaller pieces scattered between dishes of food?  These answers dictate the size and shape of the floral arrangements that would fit your Thanksgiving table.  If your table is round or square I suggest doing a square or cylinder vase in the center of the table, for longer tables depending on the amount of things already going on the table I would suggest either a larger/ longer central piece or a few smaller vases that can easily be moved to accommodate tighter spaces.

Do you have small children or pets running around- if not would some candlelight be a nice option for you?

Candlelight is always a beautiful look, whether you are using small votives, chunky pillar candles or candlesticks the warm glow of candlelight is unmistakable fall,so if you are able to use real candles on your table I say do it.  But if you are nervous about possible knocking something over or starting  small fire we have very realistic LED candles that will give you perfect piece of mind!

(LED candle)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tom and Karen

Wedding Profile: June 17, 2014

Whites, Creams and Greens with Accents of Gold

The wedding was taking place at Baltusrol Golf Club on what turned out to be a gorgeous picture perfect day.  The palate was kept neutral with whites, cream and greens to compliment the simple green views of the golf course.  The arrangements were done in a classic garden style with a mix of fresh seasonal scented blooms which created a beautiful light floral scent that carried through the room,  We used an accent of gold in the containers and votive candles to compliment the gold chiavari chairs and the classic look of the club.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Eco-Friendly Containers!

J&M is going green this spring with our new eco-friendly recycled containers! 
 Made from recycled plastic that is re purposed to create a new line of containers now available at J&M.  Durable, stylish, affordable and in a wide range of colors these pots are the perfect addition to brighten up your home this spring. These beautiful new containers have inspired all of our design teams from the large outdoor pots our nursery staff uses, which are perfectly sized and priced to compliment any outdoor space. To the smaller containers, our floral and greenhouse teams use to create amazing indoor pieces!

The containers have even become the focus of our new Custom J&M Floral Collection, now available online.   

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Vintage Floral Design Class

Vintage Floral Class 
April 10, 2014 
7:00- 9:00 PM

Though the art of floral design has been practiced for centuries in different cultures it didn't gain popularity outside of the upper class until the Victorian Era. In this fun and inspiring course, we will show you how to create designs that capture the essence of antiquated charm as well as divulge into some of the Victorian floral language.

Language of Flowers:
The language of flowers, sometimes called floriography, is a means of cryptological communication through the use or arrangement of flowers. Meaning has been attributed to flowers for thousands of years, and some form of floriography has been practiced in traditional cultures throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Plants and flowers are used as symbols in the Hebrew Bible — particularly of love and lovers in the Song of Songs,[1] as an emblem for the Israelite people[2] and for the coming Messiah[3] — and of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.[4] In Western CultureWilliam Shakespeare ascribed emblematic meanings to flowers, especially in Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.
Interest in floriography soared in Victorian England and in the United States during the 19th century. Gifts of blooms, plants, and specific floral arrangements were used to send a coded message to the recipient, allowing the sender to express feelings which could not be spoken aloud in Victorian society.[5][6] Armed with floral dictionaries, Victorians often exchanged small "talking bouquets," called nosegays or tussie-mussies, which could be worn or carried as a fashion accessory.

Mercury Glass
Mercury glass screams antiquated charm at its best, the distressed mirrored look lends itself to Vicotrian style.  We will be creating one of the classes signature floral bouquets in this vase.

Lace Wrapped Votives
A demo in our Vintage Floral Design Class, creates a soft elegant lighting effect for home decor or an event

Photo: We love this painted mason jar look, the paint gives a new twist on the container as well as creates an aged weathered look that works great using it as a vase or votive holder.  This is one of the many techniques that will be demonstrated during our Vintage Floral Class on April 10 from 7-9 PM, participants in the class will also be creating a complimenting arrangement in this container.

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Painted Mason Jars
We love this painted mason jar look, the paint gives a new twist on the container as well as creates an aged weathered look that works great using it as a vase or votive holder. This is one of the many techniques that will be demonstrated during our Vintage Floral Class, participants in the class will also be creating a complimenting arrangement in this container.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kid's Earth Day Planting Event

Kid's Earth Day Planting
April 22, 2014
4:00- 6:00 PM

This year to celebrate Earth Day J&M wants everyone to plant a tree! We are running a planting workshop for kids, in which they will be planting their very own sapling in an eco- friendly recycled pot. This will allow the little trees to root up before kids can move the tree into a permanent home in the ground!
We will be running the workshop from 4:00- 6:00 pm on Earth Day, kids are free to drop by anytime between then to plant up their trees (the whole process will take less then 20 minutes from the start of the child getting there.)  We ask that a parent or guardian remains at the store while the child is in the planting workshop, we also ask that parents remain with children under the age of 6 while they are planting their trees.
All Proceeds from this event will be donated to the Earth Day Network, a year-round, working with over 22,000 partners and organizations in 192 countries, Earth Day Network pursues its mission to broaden, diversify and mobilize the environmental movement through a variety of education, public policy, and activism campaigns.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Nicholas Staddon Talk

J&M Seminar
April 17, 2014
6 PM- 8 PM

J&M proudly presents Nicholas Staddon, our Spring Seminar Speaker.

About Our Speaker: Nicholas Staddon
As the director of Monrovia’s new plants program, he works with breeders, hybridizers and professional plant explorers, searching for exciting new creations and discoveries in the plant world. He looks for varieties that have improved habits – such as more pest and disease resistance, easy care, dwarf or compact size, outstanding flower or foliage color and other desirable attributes. Staddon was born in England, where he received a degree in agricultural science from Whitnesham Agricultural College. He has been with Monrovia for 25 years and is the spokesperson for new plants. Because he regularly travels around the country and internationally, he has his eye out for the next gardening trend. He is a frequent speaker at flower and garden shows, botanical gardens and gardening clubs.

He is sought out by gardening journalists looking for insight into plant and design trends….and for a guaranteed colorful quote! His incredible enthusiasm and deep passion for plants is evident in every word he speaks. He is featured in a series of how-to videos on and in dozens of Monrovia’s plant savvy videos.

Lecture Topic:
What’s New? 
A look at some of the great new plant varieties being brought to market in 2013, plus some of Nicholas’ favorite plants introduced in the past few years.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring is In: Pansies


Pansies are an early blooming flower. They bring the joy of spring to a winter weary gardener. I find a clay pot full of pansies out on the front steps or porch to be very cheerful. Seeing this flower in bloom is a sign that full on spring will arrive shortly. In warmer climates pansies will grow during the winter months too.

Place Pots of Pansies in Full Sun
Pansies like the sun. They will flower profusely if they get enough sunlight. Also being in the sun highlights the joyous colors of pansies. 
Pansies Brought to you by Cookies In Bloom and Hannah's Caramel Apples 
Use Pots with Drainage Holes
Use a pot with at least one drainage hole to allow water to run out of the pot when it rains. If water accumulates the pansy roots may rot. I like using a clay pot with pansies, as the pot has a bit of a rustic look.

Deadhead the Pansies Regularly
Once the pansies are flowering take a few minutes to deadhead the pansies regularly. This helps the flowers keep blooming. It also gives you a reason to spend a few more minutes outside when arriving home from work. While you deadhead the pansies it is fun to admire the flowers and enjoy the feeling of being outside, cultivating nature and enjoying the feel of the spring sun on the face.

Edible Flowers
The pansy flower is edible if you don't use toxic commercial fertilizer or sprays on them. Wedding Cakes are often decorated with colorful pansies. Some people also eat pansies in salads.

Party Uses for Pansies
Pansies floated in a bowl of water make a pretty decoration for a party table. Also you can use large paper or plastic empty milk cartons to make ice blocks to decorate with at parties. Add a few pansies to the water before freezing and you will have a flower decoration in the icy to add a pretty touch to a buffet table.